Photo:  Gordon Solberg

"Muad'Dib's teachings have become the playground of scholastics, of the superstitious and the corrupt.

He taught a balanced way of life, a philosophy with which a human can meet problems arising from an ever-changing universe.

He said humankind is still evolving - in a process which will never end.

He said this evolution moves on changing principles which are known only to eternity.

How can corrupted reasoning play with such an essence?"  

                                             -  from Frank Herbert's Dune

City of the Sun Foundation, a non-profit corporation, is located on 157 acres in Luna County, New Mexico, adjacent to the Village of Columbus. It is one of the oldest intentional communities in the United States and has remained active since it was founded in 1968. The original founders had an interest in Christian theology and were aligned with much of the materials disseminated by the Theosophical Society. 

Today the paths of community members are secular as well as represented by Native American tradition, Baha'i, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, and are open to diverse traditions. The goal is to live and work in mutual cooperation; to explore methods of gardening and horticulture in the desert; to realize that one's path can be found in work.

                                                                    Photo:  Sylvia Brenner       

The focus is on maintaining a sanctuary environment while gardening using terra preta concepts of bio-char, bokashi and Effective Microorganisms (EM), and there exists a policy of no-GMO .  Some of the members raise livestock, take in rescue animals, create alternative homes, while others maintain organic gardens, offer volunteer service in the larger community, performing and visual arts, retreats, yoga classes, educational programs for local children, research and the production of bio-char. 

 There is an on-grid area and a designated off-grid area for alternative housing, solar/wind energy, and composting. The community has an irrigation well and, also, service from village Reverse Osmosis water supply. Some residents use solar water distillers. Additionally, there is a pristine and state compliant lagoon for sewage which is treated with Effective Microorganisms as well as a green cemetery for Members.

The Foundation has a small guest room, the Bird House, for short term visitors, as well as three RV sites with bathrooms, showers and laundry facility. Some members have space available to rent to members/potential members, and there is tenting available on our Foundation property which is pristine desert with views of the Tres Hermanas and Florida Mountains. 

                                                                 Photo:  Fran Gordon